The 3 key benefits of using StoresMate are;


Tool condition can be monitored throughout the hire period helping to reduce damage bills. Late off-hires costs can be eliminated.


Storeman has greater control of the tool inventory and reduces paperwork. Tracks the tool’s cycle from on-hire to off-hire. Gives management confidence in accountability for tools used on site. Gives visibility of tools used on the project with the tool inventory.


Condition can be monitored each time the tool is signed out, signed over and signed
back to the stores.


Tools In

Tools delivered to site by tool hire company
and signed for by Storeman.  This also applies to company owned tools.

Tools Tagged

Storeman tags the tools with a QR code. QR code is scanned and information added to the tool inventory on app, including tool condition, planned off-hire date and any further details.

Signed Out

Tools can be scanned out via the StoresMate app to authorised users by an assigned QR Code. Once scanned, the tool inventory is updated to show  the user, time and allocation date. Allocated tools can be scanned over other authorised users via the StoresMate app.

Tool Return

Allocated tools are returned to the stores and the Storeman scans the tools back into the stores. Updated details of the condition of the tool can be added by authorised users. Tool inventory is automatically updated when information on tool condition is input. This also details when a tool has been reallocated to a different user, with time and date of the transaction.

Off Hire

The dashboard in Storeman’s app will alert the Storeman of impending off-hires. The Storeman will remove the QR Sticker when handback to Tool Hiring company and central company stores.

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