The 5 key benefits of using SiteMate are;


Features reduce the amount of time that would be spent on paperwork and increases efficiency through the organisation of processes.


Real time planned v actual resources give the PM & commercial teams contemporary records of site activities, giving more time for rapid response to any costing issues.


SiteMate assists with quality, ensuring snagging items are identified and closed out efficiently, preventing further site visits saving time and cost.


All members of the project team have clear visibility of delivery programme, safety statistics and delivery statistics. The information can be used to make better decisions on the project.

Ease of Use

Developed with the end user in mind with ease of usability a key value of SiteMate, all members of the project can use SiteMate and benefit from the program.


SiteMate achieves the above in form of an on-site application which aids the team delivering on site and an off-site programme which is accessed back in the site office.


Undertake task briefings and

sign in electronically.


Record snagging items in real time. Take photos of snagging items.


View the overview

project schedule.


Details actual resources vs planned resources for each activity.

On Site

Site pack information, pre-site

checklist and on-site checklist. Compile site diaries.

How It Works


  • Undertake Task Briefings and sign in electronically.
  • Raise Close Calls including uploading photos.
  • Complete an Initial Accident/Incident Report form remotely.


  • Record Snagging items in real time.
  • Take photos of Snagging items.
  • Rate Snags as High, Medium or Low Priority and also assign an action owner.
  • Each Snag recorded will be added to a central register.


  • View the Overview Project Schedule.
  • View the Two Weekly Lookahead for the project.
  • Have Tasks assigned to individuals by the Site Manager/Section Engineers


  • Detailed Planned v Actual resources.
  • Update the Commercial and Project Management Teams of resources used.
  • Give a contemporary recoard of resources on-site.

On Site

  • Site Pack Information.
  • Pre-Site Checklist.
  • On-Site Checklist.

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