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Our Partnerships

When forming an Innovation Partnership with us, we will work closely with you through facilitation, idea development, developing a strategy, procurement, project delivery, implementation and continued support.

We’ll take the burden of delivering your innovation project from you whilst keeping you well informed at every stage allowing you to focus on business as usual.

At each stage during the partnership we will complete a Stage Gate review to ensure all planned deliverable have been achieved prior to moving onto the next stage of the process.


We will hold a number of sessions to obtain the key goals and requirements of the innovation gathering information, insight and benefits from key team members and other stakeholders if required. We will outline a number of ideas and then select as a group the innovation we will take forward and develop.

Idea Development

We will really drill down into the detail of the idea now. As a group we will discuss and review key benefits, user experience requirements and how we see the innovation fitting into business as usual activities. We will go away and bring the ideas to life in forms of wireframes, graphics and early development screenshots.


We will outline procurement strategy, budget constraints, planned development timescales and set the baseline for how we want the project to be delivered. We will assign a Project Manager to produce the outline scope and start the wheels in motion for the delivery of the project. The Project Manager will be involved in the Project from the facilitation stage so will know the team, the product and the project goals.


We will go out to the market with the project scope and engage with the supplier who meets the deliverables of price and quality.


We will work closely with the chosen supplier and yourself throughout the project delivery to ensure planned works are delivered on time and to budget.


Upon successful delivery we will ensure that the product is implemented within your business seamlessly. Whether this is providing training, engaging with your supply chain or just assisting with the roll out of the product we’ll be there every step of the way.

Continued Support

Following implementation we can provide technical support services for the product that you’ve implemented along with any additional training that may be required for your workforce.

Project Control Tools

We create solutions for Project Management teams, which helps in day to day tasks by saving time and reducing project spend

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